Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is That a Car? Is That a Bus? No Its Running Man

When we went to St. Mary's it was Superhero day. This meant that all the college students were dressed up as superheros. I get really into this type of thing. I was Running Man. My costume worked on the imagination of the kids. I was asked why I was wearing a towel for a cape. After I got everything squared with my costume with the kids we played the games the group had in mind for them. The cafeteria group is really different from that of the gym group. This group really wants to do their own things. It was a great experience to work with the kids that are in 2nd grade to 6th grade.

where are the superheros?

In prelab we worked on the games that we would be playing for the second teaching experience at ST. Mary's. The games are focusing on leaping, horizontal jumping, and sliding. These three skill are basic motor developmental skills. I made an adaptation to the game of sharks and minnows. I named it Batman Through Gotham. The kids who are Batman (the minnows) are trying to get to the other side but must leap. This makes it seem like Batman is on his grapple hook and swinging. The three in the middle are the villains, named Joker, Penguin, and Riddler (the sharks) are trying to tag Batman and are sliding around. When Batman is tagged he begins to jump to the other side. Once second time he is sliding around. The third time he joins the villains as another villain of Batman. When I thought of this game it looked like it was a perfect game for the group I was assigned which was the Cafeteria Group.

Wild Wild West

The Lab at ST. Marys is an eye opener on how games played in prelab are played out in reality. The kids at St. Mary's are split into different groups. The first lab was a Western theme. As I explained my game to the kids they seemed to be really into what the game was about. Though this can change at anytime. The kids were really into my game for the entire time but after they did not want to play the second game.

Pre Lab #1

Who would have thought that practicing games would be hard work? The pre-lab for the first time leading games for children in kindergarten and first grade was a true experience. The games we came up with seemed like they would work and be fun to play. My group came up with three games and they all seem like they will be fun.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Teaching Lessons at Cortland

        After watching the video of how I taught the first day of class i thought it was really shocking. I have come to realize that I need work on a few things when I teach. I need to talk louder. I should not fidget with the ball when I am taking to the class. I need to be more sure with myself when I am teaching. I tried to teach way too much in a short time, so I need to do one thing at a time. I need to make sure that the class understands everything before they have a ball and that they pay attention to the lesson. I should have given a signal for attention so they know that they need to listen to me as a whole.
        There are some things that I did in the lesson that were good. In the lesson I pointed out times when the students did something I wanted. I explained a way to change the way they were hitting the volley ball a more efficient way.