Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Volley ball take 2- no ball

This lesson was hard to teach without volley balls. So I tried to use imagination. this really focused on the skills. After watching the video of myself teaching volley ball again I realized that I need be more aware of time. I went over. I seemed to be speaking a little louder this time. This is what I said during the lesson.

(To whole class)
Ok you don’t want to be pushing out. We are going to try the bump first. So everyone is going to get arms out. Make a fist and cup it with the other hand. You don’t want to lock, you want to cup. Thumbs on top and you are going to bump. Up a little bit. Yup. Looks good.

(To Cory )
Lets see yours. Yup

(To George)
Very good George

(To Matt)
 Nice Job Matt

(To whole class)
You want to bend your knees. Remember the athletic stance? If you are like this it will go backwards. You want your knees bent. So it goes up.

(to Vicki)
Very good

(to Greg)
Nice jo… ah Greg too high. You want to follow through. But if you follow through like this you are going to push it backwards. And you’ll smack yourself in the face. You don’t want that.

(to whole class)
So. We are going to get in a circle and pass the volley ball using the bump. So bring the circle in.  A little closer. that’s good. I'm going to bump it to the next person. We are going to pass it around the circle. All we are doing is just bump.
O' k now we are going to add a second one into it so there will be two ok ready? Ok and grab the balls.
We are going to add set, which is the next step after bump. 
I'm going to bump it to Matt who bumps to Corey. As you see Corey is under the ball.  You want fingertips not palm. You don’t want to slap the ball. You are going to push up. You don’t want to smack. You use the set so the next person can spike. So what we are going to do is set to ourselves and bump. You can do what ever one you want. You can do bump or you can do the set. And there is the second one. Ok what I'm going to do is give everyone a ball. Ok and we are going to practice the spike against the wall. So that way we don’t hurt each other. You don’t want to hit it at other people. that’s going to be dangerous, and we don’t want to be dangerous.

(To George)

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